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Cris Graves


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My Story

CRIS GRAVES is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who has worked across platforms from film to television to online content and Podcasts. Her work has spanned the globe as a producer/director, filming in some of the harshest and most remote areas on our planet. Cris’ credits include The Amazing Race, Whale Wars, and Living Undocumented. Lately, she’s worked in the true crime space on both television and podcast platforms.


Cris is also an award-winning narrative filmmaker, and her projects have screened in various film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Festival, and Hamilton Film Festival to name a few. Her feature film script Alone Girl was a semi-finalist in three categories of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2019 as well as earning a spot on The Bitch List 2020 and was in the top 10% of the 2020 Nicholl Fellowship. Also in 2020, Cris was chosen as one of 25 screenwriters to watch by the Austin Film Festival. She has also launched her own podcast called Blissful Spinster to document her journey as she gets her first feature film made. Blissful Spinster is small but mighty holding a top 10% globally rank on Listen Notes.


On a more personal note, Cris is the youngest of six and a proud Gen-Xer who was born in 1970, in New Hampshire but soon found herself being moved to Mexico City, Mexico at the tender age of one, where she lived until she was almost 19. This makes Cris, what some term a “third culture kid”… it also means she never quite feels like she fits in… no matter where she is, Cris is a perpetual fish out of water, and she loves it. It means she is in a constant state of learning and curiosity…and that is a beautiful place to be. Now that she is of a certain age, Cris has turned her curiosity inward, and she is writing scripts to direct that explore how, she, a single woman in her 50s (with cats!) fits in the world made to disregard her place in society… don’t worry she makes comedies! 


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